Team Carnival

The Team Carnival is headed by
Monjur Jalil, a graduate Chemist,
had been trained in Denmark,Germany,
and India to be the foremost Bau-Chemist (Building-Chemist) of Bangladesh. A professional set...more info

Why Carnival

Carnival offers its clients to the versatility, functionality, and the trends of the product-systems those would lead them to modern concept of doing things, and their paraphernalia to the values, values for their intelligentsia. more info


Carnival unwaveringly believes that success doesn't come in handy, and there are no short cuts for Quality. . more info

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Carnival's evaluation : The Truly Construction Chemical Company
Remmers making unique approach



Founder's guiding principal:

Preserving our building heritage, protecting new structures for future.


One stop shopping Only Remmers offers more than 400 product systems for buiding materials: concrete, sand-lime-brick structure, and wood to protect
areas from basement to roof.


Real strength Mastering the hardest building materials(Sand-lime brick) protection
job made things easier for modern concrete and wood structure.


Unique facilities

1. More than 120 scientists in Germany running its innovation,
quality assurance, and product application technology.


2. Most modern laboratories in Remmers facilities are engaged in
research with leading Universities, Research laboratories,
Governments' institutions etc.


3. Remmers Academy trains 10,000 + participants each year.


4. Services such as state of the building analysis and various
planning for new structures are also provided.


5. Heritage Award, Bernhard Remmers Prize, is recognition for the professionals for best heritage craftsmanship.


Ecology and Sustainability



At the forefront of all others in the market

Across all of the areas of Remmers technology and expertise,

ecology and sustainability are much more than a current trend or marketing gimmick.


There is a clear focus, a clear corporate commitment and
the main driving force for our extensive research and
development team throughout our 'state of the art'
laboratories, production and distribution facilities.


Remmers has pioneered the development and use of high

performance water based coating materials and the removal of

toxic substances from preservatives and impregnations for many

years. Other notable and internationally important Remmers
innovations include:


1. Peelable cleaning poultices: which can be recycled as rubber

crumb Fillers for resin and cement binders based upon recycled
materials 100% inorganic silicate binders with the lowest order

CO2 demand Highest renewable raw materials content in our

latest binders.


2. Safe biological control: replacing biocides with nano-silver


3. Cream consistency products: which dramatically reduce,

waste innovative packaging solutions to speed application and
reduce waste disposal.


4. Waterproofing products reducing heat loss from buildings

thus reducing energy demand.



A paramount presence in the elite class heritage preservation

speaks all for us.Ceritifications related to product performance,
health, and environment are available with every product &