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Carnival is sole agent of Remmers Baustofftechnik (Germany), a global market leader of construction chemicals. In last 60 years, Remmers has grown from small local business to a strong international construction chemical company. Remmers is now technology & market leader in all six (6) of its core business area. At Carnival, we are commited to serve you the best with Remmers. more info

Who we areFreedom & responsibilities are synonyms in Cranival's dictionary. Detailing is our business to create added value to the existing.more info

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What we would do for Clients/ customers


A) New construction:

  1. Concrete strengthening products to get fair face, homogenous, and highly water impermeable concrete for floor, beam & lean column. More space.
  2. Waterproofing & damp-proofing [Basement, Reservoirs, Bathrooms-toilet, Kitchen],
  3. Facade Protection i.e. protection of external wall designed with mixed components (Fair face concrete, Ceramic brick, stone, wood)
  4. Flooring system, resin-flooring systems to make your private space more cozy, more fashionable, & convenient. Extensive color & design possibilities used by all upwardly moving societies of Western Europe.
  5. Paint: Exterior wall Silicone Resin Paint, and Interior wall Mould Paint (Bioni Hygiene), damp-proof nano silver technology for fresher room every day.
  6. Liquid roofing, membrane-resin materials used instead of conventional lime-cement system. Light weight, Heat reducing, & water impermeable.
Wood protection, for external wooden structure, and furniture, which logically make our job easier for internal ones. [eg. Bathroom & Balcony doors & Garden furniture]



B) Old construction:
1) Internal WP & Damp-proofing- Roof Garden, Basement, Walls, Tile-stone-wood-Brick-concrete Facades
2) Concrete Cracks bridging, Concrete waterproofing & strengthening,
3) New flooring surface without stripping out old substrate/structure: Resin flooring system on existing floor, and Liquid roofing on existing lime-cement structure.



  Product-systems (List of Products)

For Bangladesh customers, Carnival offers below Remmers GmbH product-systems:



Concrete Casting Mixture:

a) Plasticizer to Super Plasticizer- Liquid Plus,


b) Plasticizer Remmers DM 40.


Concrete waterproofing:

a) New Casting: Haftfest & Remmers DM 40;


b) Old RCC surface- Funcosil series.


Renders & Mortar modifying agent:

a)For high adhesion strength of mortar, Haftfest ( with cement)


b)Silicate Joint fillers SF 1 and Silicate grouts, SD 1 (ready to use)


c)Quartz render system



a)Epoxy Resin floor to withstand for normal to Heavy point load- BS 2000/3000 series (can withstand damp, chemicals, etc.)


b)Different decorative flooring system (almost any colour, & texture)


c)100% protection from Chemical-mechanical load induced by high temperature, SD 1 Surface Coating (570o C, Ph 0-14; Heavy load).



a) External wall- Silicone Resin Paint LA; Facade Paint, & water retardant Funcosil series


b) Internal Wall- Mould Protect Paint for high hygiene requirement, Silicate paints, Acrylic Paints, etc.



a) Liquid roofing systems- Solutan PU system,


b) Liquid roofing systems- Solutan Emulsion system


c) Roof/terrace Waterproofing (modified system) system




a) Wood protection- HK Stain, & Wood Cream (ready to use)


b) Wood Top coats- LT Stain, & Lacquers, Varnishes, coatings to paints.


c) Aidol Brand items, & 3 H Lacquer Brands



Repair & Restoration


Concrete & Mortar repair:

a) Load bearing concrete: Injection Resin EP, & Betofix RM series


b) Non-Load bearing crack removal: Haftfest mixed with concrete casting or render/ mortar.





Water proofing:

a) External Waterproofing- Keisol-Haftfest- Modified Bitumen


b) Internal Waterproofing- Keisol-Haftfest system,


c) Damp-proofing - Keisol-Haftfest-funcosil system, Rendering system.


d) Repair products to stop water ingress: Stopaq, Injection Resin PUR, & Elastogrout 2K (ready to use single component)

  e) Chemical water proofing-Break through silicate technology SF1 & SD 1 Surface Grouting (570o C, Ph 0-14; Heavy load can sustain cleaning upto 120 bar pressure & 150 degree C temperature).