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Carnival offers its clients to the versatility, functionality, and the trends of the product-systems those would lead them to modern concept of doing things, and their paraphernalia to the values, values for their intelligentsia. more info


Carnival unwaveringly believes that success doesn't come in handy, and there are no short cuts for Quality. . more info

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Freedom & responsibilities are synonyms in Cranival's dictionary. Detailing is our business to create added value to the existing.

Carnival introduces product-systems to protect, restore, and decorate concrete and wooden structures, buildings, furniture, etc. to the growing market of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh being located in the tropical region experiences long rainy season, and one of the highest annual rainfalls in the world, enhances biological growth, and dump. Most structures, be concrete or wood and no matter we use indoor or outdoor, could not be designed and constructed with protection systems effective to withstand active and passive weathering effects. With it, accidental wear & tear and approaches to their restoration are not certainly same for the different levels of technicians, and users

Also we not being in forefront of the technology, and innovation, 50% of the estimated life for many infrastructures, building & furniture of concrete-timber-wood could not be achieved at the end.

Carnival Ltd is sole agent of Remmers Baustofftechnik (Germany), a global market leader of construction chemicals. In last 60 years, Remmers has grown from small local business to a strong international construction chemical company. Remmers is now technology & market leader in all six (6) of its core business area.

  • Basement & masonry waterproofing and refurbishment.

  • Basement & masonry waterproofing and protection

  • Stone Heritage conservation and preservation

  • Industrial and commercial resin flooring

  • Wood protecting coatings

  • Wood preservation treatments

The only global company with more than 400 product-systems in one roof. Remmers is in 42 countries, and serves 50000 clients per year around the globe who are mostly consulting firm, construction companies, government institutes, engineers, architects, interior firms etc.
In addition to above six core business areas, Remmers has more specialty product systems:

    • Concrete repair & protection.

    • Cleaning systems for stone, & concrete structure, & monuments

    • Liquid roofing

    • Joint sealants, putty, & Specialist render.