Greetings from Carnival

Carnival is sole agent of Remmers Baustofftechnik (Germany), a global market leader of construction chemicals. In last 60 years, Remmers has grown from small local business to a strong international construction chemical company. Remmers is now technology & market leader in all six (6) of its core business area. At Carnival, we are commited to serve you the best with Remmers. more info

Who we areFreedom & responsibilities are synonyms in Cranival's dictionary. Detailing is our business to create added value to the existing.more info

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Carnival offers its clients to the versatility, functionality, and the trends of the product-systems those would lead them to modern concept of doing things, and their paraphernalia to the values, values for their intelligentsia



Versatility- Values

Our beliefs

Carnival unwaveringly believes that success doesn't come in handy, and there are no short cuts for Quality.


Product-systems from the global leader of the industry, high-tech engineering base of our plants in Germany, and sales efforts of frontline runners are not sufficiently enough to satisfy our direct clients: archaeologist, restoration scientists, architects, engineers, consultants, Construction companies, financiers, investors and like. 


There is no second chance with our clients: others may think this to be true only for the invaluable edifice of historical significance, life-living science, etc .


No scope and escape without meeting the expectation of the trendsetters and professionals: technical, business, finance, & fashion.

Detailing the expectations, means to us concentration of all the details to:

Customize the customer need

Sensitize the application need

We tag us for Concrete to Wood from Basement to Roof.






All of us with a common goal: To do what is best for our customers. We work at a fast pace and love being challenged. Creativityand collaboration are keywords and we subscribe to the ethos that 'with freedom comes responsibility'.


Freedom & responsibilities are synonyms in Carnival's dictionary. Detailing is our business.